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5 Ways to Enjoy the Nutcracker

The original 1892 performance of the Nutcracker was not an indication of how famous the ballet would eventually be. Initially unpopular in Russia, it wasn’t until the ballet was introduced to a North American audience in 1940 that the music gained popularity. Now the Nutcracker is the most popular ballet in the world.
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Our Candies & Mice on November 1 2014
Here are 5 ways you can enjoy the story, music, and dancing of the Nutcracker Ballet today, on and off stage.

The Nutcracker Ballet

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Every year around Christmas you've got many opportunities to witness the Nutcracker Ballet on stage. From National Ballet Ensembles, to schools and community centres, you can be sure the Nutcracker Ballet will be performed.

The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble puts on our version of the production ever year, and we are excited to share our progress, highlights, and some special sneak peeks with you on this blog, and our other social media channels as we get closer and closer to show time.

Our Clara on November 1 2014

Fantasia – 1940

The production that brought the music of the Nutcracker to a North American audience didn’t even have a vision of the Nutcracker, or Clara. Instead Disney gave us animated fairies, flowers, and mushrooms dancing to pieces of the Nutcracker Suite.

The Nutcracker Prince – 1990

The 1990 animated version of The Nutcracker Prince is what I remember being my first exposure to the world of dancing candies and fighting mice. With Kiefer Sutherland as the voice of the Nutcracker, this animated film could be found around Christmas time on the T.V of many children who grew up in the 90’s.

Barbie in the Nutcracker - 2001

"If you're kind, clever, brave and true, anything is possible" - Barbie in the Nutcracker
North America's most popular doll stars as herself and Clara in what many see as Barbie's first full length feature film.

The Nutcracker on Ice - Various

If ballet isn't your style, you can still see a live performance of the Nutcracker at Christmas. Just as dancing and performing can be done one stage, it can also be done on skates!

Stay tuned to the blog for a new Rehearsal Recap on Monday!

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