Monday, 10 November 2014

Rehearsal Recap + Social Media Updates

37 Days until the Nutcracker!

We're getting pretty excited at the CBYE. Our dancers are beginning to see visions of the show dancing in their heads; while parents, guardians, brothers, sisters, mentors, and friends are imagining their loved ones on stage. With Christmas decorations starting to appear, the show is slowly becoming a reality.

So real in fact, that this weekend our Clara got to try on her costume for the first time! We did some promotional shots, so please stay tuned to the blog for those.

Ensemble means to perform together, and that's what we focused on this past Saturday. Moving and dancing as a group is just as important as dancing individually. Everyone must appear to be in unison.

Perhaps the most critical part of dance is our stage presence though. We must not only dance but act. Our passion and excitement for ballet, and the story we are telling comes through our physical expression of dance. We're learning about that too!


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